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Topic: Undocking a Panel...
There used to be a way to undock panels, to move them to an external monitor. I'd like to get a third monitor and move my sample, or any other panel to that monitor, so they are always open. Are we still able to do that? I can unpin an effects GUI, but I thought we could do that to the sideview panels as well.

Posted Wed 20 May 20 @ 5:50 pm
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
The only way seems being to add a window to the skin
(custom browser in a window is an example)
A plugin allowing to add extra windows to any skin without the need to edit every skin was uploaded review pending
just have to create the needed panel as a skin (can be as complex as a main skin) and load it with the plugin
(its a GUI, need to show the plugin gui, activate the plugin does nothing for now, maybe next update if accepted)

Posted Wed 20 May 20 @ 7:38 pm