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Topic: NDI from Virtual DJ.
Hi guys I have been doing a lot of DJ streaming due to lockdown here in the uk I have streamed directly from virtual DJ. Which worked like a treat. But I’m after away to stream the video output to a second computer with NDI so I can pull the feed into OBS to the second computer. I can run OBS on the computer running VDJ & do a screen capture but it takes up a lot of resources on the PC I’m after away just to scream the video screen with NDI. Anyone help ??

Posted Tue 28 Apr 20 @ 4:25 pm
No one can help with this ??

Posted Wed 29 Apr 20 @ 7:02 am
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
nop, no NDI plugin for VDJ (Yet ?)

Posted Wed 29 Apr 20 @ 8:03 am
Have you tried NDI scan converter ? it will capture your screen and transformit into a ndi signal

Posted Wed 29 Apr 20 @ 8:30 am
Yes tried it OBS well capture the full screen & send it with NDI but I’m just after the Video screen to be captured without any drop in the video

Posted Wed 29 Apr 20 @ 9:36 am
Hi, im' not shure to understand. Can you make a pic of your installation ?

Posted Wed 29 Apr 20 @ 12:03 pm

Posted Wed 29 Apr 20 @ 3:28 pm
djmrmcPRO InfinityMember since 2009

Posted Wed 29 Apr 20 @ 4:01 pm

Posted Tue 30 Jun 20 @ 11:48 am
A direct NDI plugin would be great (for Videos and for the GUI)

Posted Tue 30 Jun 20 @ 4:18 pm