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Topic: The file you requested could not be found
I started 4 days the virtual dj (with connecting with shoutcast), since yesterday it work all fine, today i broadcast with vdj but my link to shoutcast give me link "The file you requested could not be found". So nobody can listen to listen to my music anymore, do anybody knows that the problem can be?

Posted yesterday @ 12:38 am
user21530308 wrote :
"The file you requested could not be found".

That is a file error message. I guess you mean you saw this on deck? If so, the song you tried load. does not exist anymore at the location set in the database.

(perhaps you renamed, deleted or moved outside VirtualDJ)

Posted yesterday @ 12:42 am

Posted yesterday @ 12:52 am

That just means the url is wrong...
Check with the site/host what the proper url is.
At least there should be a port in there

Something along ...
(but doesnt seem to be port 8000, so some other port likely :) )

Posted yesterday @ 1:11 am
I use shoutcast v1, this is the link i get from them (what i use for 4 days now), i didn't change anything.

Posted yesterday @ 1:18 am

Pretty sure there is a port lacking in that url..
Shoutcast rarely ever runs on regular website url, but on a dedicated port as a server.

Posted yesterday @ 1:19 am
Checked, you might be right, that there is no port needed.. At as host provider
If so then your name at end is probably wrong or misspelled..

Or server is not up and running. Check on the control panel on the shoutcast host

Posted yesterday @ 1:26 am
i don't know anymore now, all the settings are correct at the vdj
protocol - shoutcast
encoding quality - 128 kbps (default)
serverurl -
server port - 8000
login - source
password - ***********
so that's all oke, bcoz i see i am broadcasting on, otherwise i get an error msg for not login in.

I already send msg to shoutcast what the problem maybe can be, i didn't change anything for the last 4 days (all was working fine), but today nothing, thanks for the help so far.

on shoutcast connection its say:
Server URL - m
Port - 8000
and then my sream id and password

Posted yesterday @ 1:45 am
sorry it was (forgot the 2)

Posted yesterday @ 1:45 am

Posted yesterday @ 1:50 am
yes it works, you are my hero of today, thank you so much for this great quick response. greetings from a dutch guy living in the states :)

Posted yesterday @ 1:57 am
only the side don't give me the song etc. but that is an issue of shoutcast already answer them, but they are so slow in responding, again thanks a lot

Posted yesterday @ 1:59 am

Hopefully they will sort that for you ;-) and no problem..

Posted yesterday @ 2:01 am