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Topic: Karaoke (Pro KJ's)
So, I Love the Karaoke add-on that y'all have installed. THANK YOU!
You have even made a few adjustments for us KJ's. THANK YOU!
I hate to ask anything further from you. but....

When I have a list of 15 Karaoke Singers or more, I don't have a solid way of keeping a very specific rotation of singers, especially when New singers are added.

The only way I can keep a solid rotation list, is to keep at least one song that they've sung, (MARKED RED "PLAYED") In the list, so I know the exact rotation for the New round of singers. This takes up so much space.

The box that this singer list is in, is very small, and doesn't expand or move... it only scrolls down. When I have more than 10-15 singers, it's very difficult to keep track of the rotation. Is there any way to add a simple Rotation Box just to type names in? (A ROTATION LIST) or maybe expand the entire Karaoke box or list to be much much bigger? I am a Pro DJ, but to make ends meet, I run Karaoke through the beginning of the week. I rely on this for my livelihood.

I'm sure many other KJ's are experiencing this issue. It would be an amazing fix. I've just been dealing with what I have for so long, and I don't know if anyone has brought this to your attention. I've searched the forums.

I've given up on my Karma Karaoke License to only run Virtual DJ. I Love Virtual DJ!

I just wanted to see if maybe the Karaoke section, could get a tweak.

Thanks so much.


Stay safe from Covid-19!

Posted 3 days ago @ 2:24 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
look at browser zoom

Posted 3 days ago @ 7:49 pm