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Topic: POI Editor - can drag playhead but upon Play it jumps back to where it was. + zoom in/out with keyboard + trackpad?
Skip first paragraph if you don't need to know I've already tried and tried to find an answer.
I watched a video (POI Editor Overview by VirtualDJ Tips).
I searched the forums. (found e.g.
I read the documentation, which says:
-- Use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out of the Waveform and the Scrollbar to navigate through the different sections of the file.
-- Drag and move the POI to a new position by grabbing the Playhead (green vertical line). If Snap is enabled the POI will be moved to the nearest beat.

I can drag the playhead (green line) forward or backward but upon clicking Play it jumps back to where it was. Solution???
I can't drag the playhead while it is playing. Should this be possible?
I don't have a mousewheel. Can I zoom in/out of the waveform and/or scrollbar by using my keyboard + trackpad?

Posted Fri 14 Feb 20 @ 9:31 pm
If I double-click on the "point" (the left column of point names), the view zooms in. I can then drag on the top waveform if i want to move the point far. Still, I imagine there's another way to directly zoom in/out. No?

I also found I can get the track to play by pressing play on the regular deck. That helps a little, but still doesn't work for some/most aspects of editing within the POI editor. (can't remember details right now - i'll re-post when i have the experience again).

Is there a way to jump from time _:__.__ on the Deck to the same time within the POI editor?
Is there a way to type in the time you want to go/move to within the POI editor?

Posted Fri 14 Feb 20 @ 10:48 pm
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
I have not come across a trackpad that does not allow scrolling.
On newer ones it will usually be moving 2 fingers up or down together. On older ones it usually works by moving your finger up down on the right side of the trackpad.

Double click in the waveform should start playback from that location

Posted Sat 15 Feb 20 @ 2:51 am