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Topic: SoundSwitch Review.
Played my first gig with SoundSwitch Saturday night. I had about a dozen scripted tracks and the rest ran off auto loops. It was a total success, very happy after months of work getting it all set up. I am a mobile DJ, using VDJ 2020, on a Windows 10 Laptop, through a Reloop Touch controller, with an Akai mini, midi controller for SoundSwitch. I must thank Matt and Liam, from SS support, without whom, I would not have been able to achieve what I have. For a couple of months I have emailed back and forth, had a couple of remote teamviewer sessions, etc. They must have been getting sick of me but, we worked through the issues together, to attain an eventual positive outcome. Thanks guys, I am now looking forward to scripting more tracks. I also look forward to the further development of SoundSwitch, I know some of the things you are working on and can't wait. 😃
(That was a post I put on the SoundSwitch FB page).

Here, I would like to go into a bit more detail to benefit any VDJ2020 users who are thinking about using SS.

My very first issue was that I could not get into edit mode. When trying to the program would just freeze.
Contacted SS support and they jumped on my computer in a teamviewer session to rectify the problem. It was simply a setting on my graphics card that was the culprit.

At first SS was not able to find all of my tracks. I emailed SS support who helped with advice and a teamviewer session, but could not work out why there was a problem. They eventually had discussions with Atomix and between them got the problem sorted. It seems that now SS is able to find all my tracks. I don't seem to be having any further problems in this department. That was really my biggest problem.

I then had some issues with fixtures. Not being able to use all the attributes the way I wanted. Again I contacted support, they did some re-programming of fixtures for me, some more than once, until I got what I wanted. Having said that some of the fixture control is a compromise, due to the nature of the programming limitations in SoundSwitch, I believe, as well as the way the fixtures are set up themselves. But still, I have some work around's for some of these and all in all have good control of the fixtures.

There was a lot of operational questions, as there is no detailed user manual, only a handful of videos.
So be prepared to have to ask a few questions in this regard.

The more you use it the more you learn about how it works and how to get the best out of it.
You will need to make sure your tracks are properly beatgridded, or your light shows will be out of sync to the beat.
SS will start using beat grid info from the beatgrid anchor. So I have found that can occasionally be a bit late. So just add a second beatgrid anchor ahead of the existing, where you want the lights to start pulsing.

I can recommend SoundSwitch if you are prepared to do a bit of work, as I expect you would with any other DMX software.
But, I think it will be well worth the effort in the long run. I am already realizing the value. Which will be so much more once all my most used tracks have scripted light shows. And I customize the auto loops.

Hope this is helpful to someone.

Posted Mon 16 Dec 19 @ 6:15 am
I tried SS but found it literally impossible to figure out. I'm pretty savvy with this sort of thing but I just couldn't figure out what SS actually did.

I have a couple of Chauvet Intimidator Hybrid 140SR heads and need some sort of manual control for function work, but it seems SS is purely automation only and has no "manual" control of the lights like other DMX software.

I moved over to ShowXpress and now I have them programmed pretty much the way I want. It also recognises the beat from VDJ for colour movements etc, and I have a set of 32 custom buttons on my skin for control without leaving VDJ.

I guess SS would be great for club type gigs, but for mobiles I can't see what it is about at all.

Posted Mon 16 Dec 19 @ 7:05 am
Good info
I got as far as I bought hardware for it, and got the monthly subscription for the SS software
Then I got it installed, got it to recognize VDJ and "talk to" one simple test fixture
... and then I kind of didn't get around to working with it since then (3 months ago I guess)
So I'm in the "I'm sure it has potential if I ever get around to setting it up" phase :)

Posted Mon 16 Dec 19 @ 9:30 am
Yeah I’ve been using SS pretty much since they came out and it’s been amazing!!

I have done a lot of custom scripts for tracks but I’ve also went and ran the automated scripting for almost everything in my library so I hardly ever use the autoloops.

As far as support goes, I agree 1000%!! I have never meet a better team!! Those guys rock!!

Like the OP said some lights you do have to make a compromise but again those guys will help you with a custom fixture setting for whatever it is your trying to do.

@Keith, for clubs it really isn’t the best if your not doing the whole night by yourself. The autoloops are great and you can control certain aspects of the lights from a midi controller but I find for clubs I’d rather use ShowXpress.

Posted Mon 16 Dec 19 @ 3:56 pm
hiHome userMember since 2018
@kradcliffe SoundSwitch is designed for all DJs including Mobile DJs.

SoundSwitch does everything that Showexpress or any other lighting software does and so much more, including interacting directly with Virtual DJ as well as Automatically create light shows for specific songs in your music library and beat-synced lighting effects for tracks that havnt be analyzed.

Yes, you can manually control and create lighting scenes using the Static Looks feature which is the same as creating a "Scene" in a standard DMX Software.

If you are having trouble getting it working or understanding the software, all you need to do is ask our support team at and we will get you sorted.

I guess SS would be great for club type gigs, but for mobiles I can't see what it is about at all.

Posted Fri 05 Jun 20 @ 2:22 am
Yeah I'm a mobile DJ and think SS is great!

Posted Sat 20 Jun 20 @ 1:50 am
Good afternoon everyone,
I'm in need of assistance with VDJ and SS. I have used these before and each have synced together but for some reason SS is not syncing with VDJ2020. I went into VDJ2020 settings and made sure OS2L is checked yes. When I go into SS perform scene...there is no blue light and VDJ is not shaded signaling that SS and VDJ2020 is synced. I'm using Ver. 2.2 in SS. And VDJ2020. Windows 10

Posted 6 days ago @ 4:45 pm
I don’t use a PC, I’m on a Mac and everything is working on the Mac side.

Wish I could be more help.

Posted 5 days ago @ 3:11 pm