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Topic: Request for file of VDJScript documentation / command-list
Hey guys, after 4 years i'm getting back into VDJScript development (previously under the game 'unlimited').

I'm currently developing a JavaScript library for writing dynamic controller mappings, so that for example you don't need to copy/paste mappings to all your pad buttons and adjusting the index number.
For this i want to provide the VDJScript commands / queries in the editor with a special object, but right now the only way i can get the info is by writing the information manually. I also want to put the description of the commands in a type description file so that users can see the command's full documentation while writing.

I'm pretty sure the VDJ developers have a file with all these commands and descriptions and it would save me a lot of time and work if i could have it for my development of the tool.

Regards, Solitude =)

Posted Thu 03 Oct 19 @ 10:42 am
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