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Topic: assign sound effects with mc6000 mk2
can someone tell me how to assign sound effects on the sampler with my controller please (denon mc6000 mk2) i've 72 sound effects i want to you use at an event i've got in 2 weeks and would like to use most if not all of them at sometime throughout the night, probably won't use them all like but just so there, there and assigned to the controller for ease of use would be great, or if anyone can tell me an easier way would be great fully appreciated

thanks nathan

Posted Fri 15 Mar 19 @ 3:52 pm

Posted Fri 15 Mar 19 @ 4:07 pm
Make up multiple sample banks of 8 samples. Load which set you want to use at any given time (where automix is), you can cycle through the banks above the samples.

The MC6000 MKII controller has 4 sample buttons on each side, but, if you have a sample bank of 8 they are numbered 1-4 on the left side and 5-8 on the right side. I've used it like this for years.

Posted Fri 15 Mar 19 @ 7:34 pm
so how does it work from the mc6000 mk2?

Posted Fri 15 Mar 19 @ 10:22 pm

Posted Fri 15 Mar 19 @ 10:33 pm
ha right i get you so what i do is just switch between the samples i make in sample bank and use the hot cues as the activators, and can i pre listen to the sample before i use it

Posted Sat 16 Mar 19 @ 10:08 am
There's a button on the controller to swap the 4 button functionality between hotcues and samples

Posted Sat 16 Mar 19 @ 10:13 am
i know that but how do i pre listen to it first

Posted Sat 16 Mar 19 @ 10:32 am
It's in the link I gave you above

Posted Sat 16 Mar 19 @ 11:18 am