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Topic: Use Beatgrid from Tag
Dear VirtualDJ-Team,

first, thanks for that great and performant software.

Although your Software is great, the beatgrid editor is horrible to use. I get my songs from These files already contain a beatgrid in the tags. And for the other files I thought to use my old SERATO DJ to edit the beatgrids comfortably and then use them in VirtualDJ. Also my other existing thousands of files already contain beatgrids.

But then I realized, that VirtualDJ ignore these "beatgrid"-tags. So I wonder how to use VirtualDJ without spending hundreds of hours in recreating and editing new beatgrids.

So even when you decide to enhance the beatgrid-editor of VirtualDJ (what would be awesome!), it would be a great help if it would use the existing beatgrids of the file-tags.

Please make VirtualDJ use the beatgrids of the file-tags.

sincerely yours,


Posted Sat 09 Mar 19 @ 7:49 pm
hrdnxPRO InfinityMember since 2011

Posted Sun 10 Mar 19 @ 11:48 pm