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Topic: Connecting 2 controller`s
Evening all
I am wondering if i can get a little advice on something please,
I have a Numark N4 that had issues with the master and booth volume pots and needed servicing but i did not know of anywhere that services dj equipment around where i live & didn't want to attempt it my self without having a backup controller just encase i broke it while took it to bits.
So i bought a second Numark N4 to use while i attempted to service it myself,
The service went well and it now works like new again.
Now i have 2 of the same controllers so i put the new one back in its box but i am wondering if it's possible to have both connected to the same Virtual Dj with decks 1 & 2 on the first controller & decks 3 & 4 on the other ?
Thanks in advance for any advice

Posted Sun 03 Mar 19 @ 11:22 pm
It should be
Maybe this will inspire you:

Posted Mon 04 Mar 19 @ 2:30 am
Thank you very much for the quick response it is much appreciated :)
I was worried that with them being both numark n4`s that when i selected decks 3 & 4 on the second numark n4 that it may change the deck selection on the first controller from decks 1 & 2 to 3 & 4 as well

Posted Mon 04 Mar 19 @ 4:08 am
we do head to head djs some times, two monitors two moused and one computer running both , deck 1/2 min deck 3/4 his, we had so adjust the midi channel if i remember right.. in the end it didnt pay more and cost me money ...

Posted Tue 12 Mar 19 @ 5:57 am