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Topic: PC ran out of space while recording mix - is the mix still accessible?
I can't believe what just happened.

I think I am using not the most up to date version of VirtualDJ but the one before (as it asked me if I wanted to update to the new version earlier and I clicked no).

I have been working on this mix for so long and finally recorded a great version of it that I am really pleased with. It says:

finished recording 2018 mix.mp3
Time: 43:23
Size: 59.79 MB

However I just went to the folder to play it and it's only about 12 minutes long and 18.4 MB. It turns out this is because my PC has ran out of storage space whilst I was recording the mix (there was nothing to notify me of this)!

I've deleted some stuff and the file is still the same size and length, but because VirtualDJ claims that it is 43:23 and 59.79 MB - is it possible to access it somehow?!

Please help!


Posted Wed 30 Jan 19 @ 8:25 pm