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Topic: How to Activate a controller and Pro License
Okay, I have an active Pro License. The first day I opened up settings and then licenses the active Pro License showed. But after 10 minutes I was asked to Identify myself, but I was offline. And the new Denon controller showed as an option in settings. The 2nd day, the license does not show in settings, licenses. Do I need to have controller hooked up to computer online to truly activate my Pro License so I can use my controller offline? I do not have internet at home and purchased the license using wifi. Is this happening because the new controller was not hooked up?

Posted Fri 07 Dec 18 @ 12:39 am
login with the info you use here and all that will be solved.

Posted Fri 07 Dec 18 @ 12:45 am
Well I logged in with my Virtual DJ username and password rather than the Google login, and everything is fine. Forgot and misplaced the VDJ password, so I logged in using Google, and it did not work?????
Been logged in now 30 min and no prompts for buying a license, so I am in. Thank you for the help

Posted Fri 07 Dec 18 @ 3:29 am
Jhonny Gozadera wrote :
Forgot and misplaced the VDJ password, so I logged in using Google, and it did not work?????

No, that login won't know that you own a license
So VDJ then runs as the free home edition

Posted Fri 07 Dec 18 @ 7:54 am
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
If your Google account has the same email address as your virtualdj account, they will be merged automatically and it will work.

Otherwise you can manually link your Google account from your my account page

Posted Fri 07 Dec 18 @ 8:05 am