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Topic: strange stuff happened MCX8000 and latest
doing a gig and suddenly VDJ was unresponsive with the mixer, moving faders and the app was slow to respond, in fact the crossfader started doing its own thing, was about to go to iPad backup on another channel on the MCX8000, but the mixer became unresponsive, almost like vdj had taken over the mixer and was sending midi messages, cue buttons failed, faders failed and the volume was going up and down. yea i was freaking out. so i flipped the input switches back and forth and a channel freed up and allowed me to use the iPad while i restarted the mac, i couldn't even switch to the usb stick for backup. restarted and everything started working fine again.
have no idea wtf was going on but thought i would post in case.
probably going to go back to a previous version, this was the first gig with build b4291

Posted Wed 16 May 18 @ 9:31 pm
It's nothing to do with VDJ. Same thing happened to me one night and the give away was that the MCX wouldn't even let me swap over to standalone mode, so that ruled out it being a problem with VDJ. I just set my deck volumes with the mouse and used the controller play/pause buttons which still worked, and around 20 minutes later it started working normally again. I couldn't reboot as it was a very busy gig.

Some people were saying it may have been a voltage issue, but in all honesty there was no real explanation. It has only ever happened that once and it's been fine ever since.

Posted Wed 16 May 18 @ 10:24 pm
I've experienced this issue several times. If I unplug the MIDI cable and reseat it it appears to resolve the issue. (Obviously this will cause video/audio loss)

Posted Mon 11 Jun 18 @ 6:03 pm