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Topic: Spotify
I will probably get a one word answer but... are there any plans to attempt to bring Spotify back to VDJ?

Posted Sat 21 Apr 18 @ 7:24 pm
You should probably ask the record companies who asked Spotify to stop it
Once you get an ok from the record companies I'm sure Atomix would love to bring it back in VDJ

Posted Sat 21 Apr 18 @ 7:30 pm
Just wonder how are still able to keep it in Djay Pro?

Posted Sat 21 Apr 18 @ 7:36 pm
Why in your view does Spotify need to be integrated to Virtual DJ?

When it was there, you couldn't legally use it at gigs.

For checking out things at home before buying, you could just use Spotify in the same way as the general public. It didn't need to be built in to VDJ.

Posted Sat 21 Apr 18 @ 7:38 pm
To be honest, in many years as a DJ I could count on my fingers the number of times I didn't have a track that was asked for. I have found Spotify useful recently for new music and recommendations based on my listening (Your Daily Mix etc) and it's convenient to build playlists on Spotify on the go. So for me it was more about the convenience of those playlists being instantly available within VDJ. It's no deal breaker, but it was nice!

Posted Mon 23 Apr 18 @ 7:38 pm
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
You can still use Deezer for that though.

Posted Tue 24 Apr 18 @ 6:30 am
Already have Spotify Premium family and everyone else s in the family uses it.....!

Posted Tue 24 Apr 18 @ 9:19 am
....and I'm using Amazon Music Unlimited! I used to be with Groove Music (previously Zune) but that got killed off by Microsoft.

Posted Tue 24 Apr 18 @ 4:57 pm
DJ RalexControlleristMember since 2007
I want Spotify on virtual dj

Posted Sun 21 Oct 18 @ 5:32 pm
DJ Ralex wrote :
I want Spotify on virtual dj

You can't get that

But you can use Deezer instead

Posted Sun 21 Oct 18 @ 5:45 pm