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Topic: Serato Sample - Page: 2
djmicron wrote :
Hi, proud vdj user here, but i have to say something in favor of serato sample, because it's not a dj product, but more a production tool aimed at beat makers and remixers.
I bought one license for half the price during the beta test period and what i liked about that kind of product is the pitch shifting and timestretch quality and the very fast workflow when i need to extract something from a full song, it loads fast, it has different detection modes, it also allows to focus in a smooth and clean way on every part of the song and insert the cue points manually and yes, it looks very similar to vdj sample editors, but serato sample allows you to open a full song and have the cue points mapped on your keyboard instantly, then you can pitch shift/timestretch each of the cues independently plus some other creative tools, but it's not a tool aimed at live performance.
Doing the same with vdj, is a bit elaborated at the moment, especially creating sample banks from 1 song, but they are 2 different products and vdj does very well all the rest.
About the marketing conversation, after talking with many serato users, what it bothers them is how virtual dj is introduced on this page:

and on a very respected youtube channel dj tlm have something to say:

So VDJ is a little bit disliked in certain environments and most of the times who dislikes it never tried it.

Yeah I thnk the statements make djs think the software is for home djs, and nothing above. Also its mentioned to be only for EDM DJs. So HipHop djs never really look this way. I would make changes that appeal to every DJ and remove the stuff about beatmatching not counting. That is the heart of the DJ. It took VDJ a longtime to satisfy the turntable djs that chose VDJ. Making statement like beat matching dont matter turns off a lot of djs. If you marketed the software thats a perfect fit for every DJ from the club DJ to the battle Dj to the mobile Dj to the remixer to the blend dj. If you look in the forums you have djs asking "im playing the tracks but cant get them to sync what am I doing wrong?" Becuase you need basic beat matching knowledge, thats what you doing wrong. Tempo, DownBeat and Phase. I dont care what music you play those are universal. so beat matching matters. But really Im happy and will stay, though the whole time Im gonna beg for remix decks, but Im here to stay. Hold up and Proper Post-Fader effect processing.
Hold up also on this day 40years ago the reason most black people dj was born HipHop, beat matching matters... tell tony humphries that, tell carl cox that, tell frankie knuckles that Am I going sorry....

Posted Fri 11 Aug 17 @ 9:15 pm
bagpussPRO InfinityMember since 2003

It looks like a good tool, fair play to them, I bet they're making a lot of money.

Posted Sun 13 Aug 17 @ 2:22 am
leneerPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2014
Looks good,I have a lot of ideas, too, to summarize in a few days.It is only when there is competition that a good product can find its own shortcomings.

Posted Sun 13 Aug 17 @ 10:38 am
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