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Topic: Key
lincol2PRO InfinityMember since 2011
Could we get the option to select the harmonic number instead of the "key" appearing upon starting VDJ? So one does not have to change from key to harmonic with a mouse every time one starts the computer .

Posted Mon 01 May 17 @ 2:34 am
lincol2PRO InfinityMember since 2011
Fruit noticed that with the default skin the harmonic setting stays when the computer restarts, but in your skin the harmonic revert to the 'key....alpha" when I restart the computer. Please check it out, maybe a fix in the future upgrade? Thx


Posted Mon 01 May 17 @ 2:55 am
I have my skin pull up both the key and harmonic, its great to have both..

Posted Mon 01 May 17 @ 4:56 pm
Hey guys would you help me about the settings for virtual dj 8 key detection into harmonic

Posted Mon 19 Feb 18 @ 10:57 pm