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Topic: Natively supported controllers
With the arrival of VirtualDj 8 many things have changed in the way official support for controllers is provided.

Built-in controllers support is now provided via automatic updates. This means that as soon as a new controller is ready to be supported natively a new update will roll out and the controller will be supported from the next launch of the software.

Controller updates are the same for all users (Home FREE, LE, PLUS Controller and PRO) since VirtualDj 8 is one single application. This means that everybody can use it's copy of VirtualDj 8 to test if a particular controller is working with it or not.

If you don't have a controller yet or if you want to buy a new one and you are wondering which controllers are supported by VirtualDj 8 there's a full list on THIS page.

At the time this article is written, VirtualDj 8 supports 240 controllers and this list is growing almost every week. This makes VirtualDj 8 the only software that can be used with almost "ANY" controller available today, ranging from controllers that are out of production for several years and most likely belong to a museum by now, up to the latest high-end piece of gear like Pioneer DDJ-SZ

Even if your controller is not on the list of official supported controllers there's a good chance there's an "unofficial" mapper for it at our users downloads area

If you still can't find the controller you're interested for, then if it's a new device there's a good chance that official support will come after a while. Sometimes it can take a little more than expected for new devices to be supported natively since we have to receive demo units first.

Finally if everything else fails, our staff is always willing to help you create your own definition & mapper files in order to support your device.

VirtualDj Team

Posted Tue 09 Dec 14 @ 9:51 am